COVID-19 Response

This COVIDSafe Plan has been prepared to protect staff, students, and parents.
Our primary focus is to keep our dance family safe.

All criteria for our return to the studio is in accordance with current Victorian State Government guidelines.
We will advise you of any further updates once they are released.

Wash your hands often.
Use hand sanitiser Adhere to social distancing rules.
Try not to touch your eyes, nose, or mouth.
Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze.
Please stay home if you feel unwell, get tested and self-isolate pending results.
Face coverings must be worn on site by all persons 12 years of age and over (until further notice).
All infectious waste disposables are to be placed in the correct waste bin. This includes but not limited to; tissues, sanitiser/disinfectant wipes/ disposable face coverings.

Please visit the DHHS website for a list of COVID-19 Symptoms.
Students should not attend the studio in any capacity if they feel unwell or have been in close contact with a suspected case of COVID-19.

If found to have any symptoms related to COVID-19 as stated by DHHS, you must:
Refrain from attending class
Get tested
Self-isolate pending test results

Medical certificates will be required upon re-entry into the facility.

Vulnerable students with medical conditions who may be at increased risk or those with underlying medical conditions should obtain advice from their doctor before returning to the studio.

All staff and teachers have completed COVID 19 Infection Control Training

Cleaning will occur at the end of each day/evening

Our venues our owned and maintained by Hume City Council who are responsible for daily cleaning and sanitation in line with their COVIDSafe plan

Light switches, door handles, doors and any other high touch surfaces will be wiped down before and after each class

Studio doors will remain open where possible & will only be opened/closed by the teacher in that studio

Signage will be displayed around the facility to educate and instill good hygiene practice, social distancing reminders and maximum person allowances per space

There will be sanitising stations placed in the foyer and studios.

Records of teachers, staff and students entrances and exits in facility will be kept for trace contacting.

All students are to bring their own water bottles and any other required equipment & must take every item with them upon exit.

No extra unnecessary items are to be brought into the facility, please refrain from bringing dance bags, toys, books where possible

No extra persons are allowed on site, this includes parents/guardians, friends etc. Special needs students are exempt. Carers must adhere to social distancing rules, must use hand sanitiser and wear a face covering.

Children five years and under may require a parent, this is to be determined by Director/Principal and parent must adhere to COVIDSafe rules whilst on the premises

All enquiries are to be done via email, SMS or a phone call, please refrain from approaching staff to discuss or ask questions

Please forward all inquiries to:

Alana Smyth
0411 615 617

Students should arrive dressed in their dance attire and ready for class
Parents/Guardians are to drop off their child at the entrance, whilst maintaining social distancing and not enter the premises
Staff will permit students to enter to ensure all other students have left and that sanitation of the rooms has been completed
Attendance roles will be diligently marked
Inside the building, students are to adhere to social distancing rules
Hand sanitiser will be used by all students upon their arrival
If a student is suspected of being ill, they will be asked to go home immediately and will be safely isolated from other persons
The studio door will remain open to avoid touch point contact and increase air flow.

Doors will remain open
Students are to remain 1.5 metres apart from others
Ballet barres will not be used in classes
Teachers and staff will remain 1.5m from students always
No physical corrections, modifications or spotting will be done
No partner work or physical contact between students, students are to refrain from hugging, high 5s or close contact with others
Travel / corner / drills and choreography of dances routines will be taught maintaining social distancing requirements
Students that use the bathroom will need to sanitise their hands before leaving class and upon re-entry into class
We request that students use the bathroom before arriving at the studio where possible

Students must take all their belongings with them, any items left behind will have to be discarded.
Students will hand sanitise and be escorted to the exit where parents are to collect them, parents and students must maintain social distancing during exit and pick up, even outside of the building.
Teachers or a staff member will wait until each student is collected to ensure Child Safety policies and procedures are in place.
Please be on time to pick up your children.
Students with back-to-back classes must wait in the allocated area e.g. foyer or outside in between classes so sanitation process can be completed. Students will be supervised.
Upon exit of all students, each studio space will be sanitised and disinfected.
Teachers are to also wipe down the stereo, any remote controls, light/fan switches their own personal belongings such as mobile phones and laptops.
Teachers will discard any unclaimed water bottles or belongings before the next class enters.

Classes will move to online classes immediately if required by State Government
No refunds will be given to students who do not wish to continue online
Once your enrolment is confirmed an invoice for the full term will be issued
We understand families are facing difficult times, please advise us if you require a payment plan

All concerns or queries are to be directed to:

Alana Smyth
0411 615 617

Australian Government
Department of Health
Victorian Government
Safe Work Australia
National COVID-19 Commission