Cecchetti Ballet Australia

All ballet classes at NDC are taught using the Cecchetti method of ballet. The Cecchetti method of ballet is a classical style of ballet originally devised by Enrico Cecchetti, it teaches strength, flexibility, grace, poise, and musicality to ensure well rounded and technically trained dancers.

NDC currently offers Cecchetti exams from Pre-Primary through to Intermediate level.

Completing Cecchetti ballet examinations not only ensures students are progressively learning and improving in their ballet training, but also provides students with a pathway to pursue dance and dance teaching.

Upon completing Intermediate, the first major exam, students can chose to undertake the Advanced One and then Advanced Two exams which prepare dancers for work in the industry.

Additionally upon completing the Intermediate exam students can chose to undertake their Associate exam, designed to train teachers of Cecchetti ballet.

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