Jazz and Tap Exams

Students at NDC are given the opportunity to complete their Tap and Jazz exams through the Southern Federation of Dance syllabus. Students can choose to complete exams in just one discipline or both.

Jazz and Tap exams provide students with the opportunity to learn valuable dance technique and theoretical knowledge of the chosen style.

Jazz and Tap Exams are offered from the Level 1 through to Level 10, at which point the student will have completed their exams.

By completing their Level 8 Exams, students can chose to complete Southern Federation of Dance's Teacher Certification Course which provides them with the training and qualification to teach their relevant style and enter students in SFD Exams

Completing Jazz and Tap exams provides students with a strong technical and theoretical foundation from which they can continue to expand their learning, moving on to complete further studies such as a Certificate IV in Dance or a Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management.