DanceStep Student Teacher Education Program

Here at NDC we provide our senior students with the opportunity to partake in the DanceStep Student Teacher Education Program.

The DanceStep Program was originally founded by Jane Grech at the Jane Grech Dance Centre.

The DanceStep program is a four level system in which students are given the opportunity to understand the intricacies of teaching and develop their skills through both practical and theoretical tasks.

Here at NDC we believe that the student teacher program is an especially valuable experience which allows students to develop their own dance skills, while simultaneously developing their interpersonal and teaching skills.

While this program undoubtedly aids students in developing essential skills, such as communication, team work, and people management, which can be transferred to many other aspects of life, this program also provides them with a strong foundation in teaching which can then aid students who decide they would like to pursue a career in dance education.

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